SouthWest Missouri Corvette Club



The Southwest Missouri Corvette Club is dedicated to the enjoyment, preservation, and promotion of the Corvette automobile.   The Club was started in 1988 by a small group of enthusiasts in the Springfield, Missouri area who shared a common interest in Corvettes. Originally limited to pre 1973 cars, the Club is now open to all years, C1 thru C7

The Club is primarily a social organization, but our members range from those who are totally involved with Corvette restoration to those who are not at all interested in the technical aspects of their cars.  One common thing that binds us together is that Corvettes are fun. 

Fun to own, fun to drive, but most of all, fun when shared with others who enjoy the same interests.

Business meetings are kept to a minimum, as our primary goal is to enjoy our cars.  We hold at least one event monthly and we invite all Corvette owners in Southwest Missouri to join us in one of our many activities, and experience the best of what Corvette Club membership has to offer.

Originally chartered as the ‘Vintage Vettes of the Ozarks”, the club was reorganized in February 2014 as the Southwest Missouri Corvette Club.  This was done as a procedural issue to bring the club into alignment with the current requirements for Non Profit Social Organizations without changing the concept and spirit of the long term club structure.

Started in 1988 and the fun is still happening!!